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Garage door springs may break down due to extreme temperatures or as a result of normal tear and wear. When they break down you cannot run your door smoothly and if left unattended, it may cause grievous bodily harm or cause death to you and your family. Springs can be repaired depending on the extent of the damage, but mostly they are better off replaced with new ones.

Replacement of broken garage door spring is a quite a dangerous task. The torsion springs are under high tension and there many steps involved that should be followed in a strict and proper order. Do not attempt to replace garage door springs if you are not confident you can do it. Your safety and the effective functionality of your door are our key priorities.

Our technicians will provide you with quality and the right size replacement springs to use. Our expert technicians will only take up to two hours to replace the door springs. When you experience a garage door problem, contact us at Seattle Garage Repair Services, for professional and high quality services and at very friendly costs. We will ensure there are no lingering safety concerns in your garage and that it is running smoothly.